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(Full disclosure: I’ve got the NPR Democratic Debate on my mp3 player, but I don’t know that I’ll listen to it, given my low opinions of candidate debates. Now, if they were real, actual debates, rather than soundbite circuses, that might be something else . . . .)

From FactCheck dot Org:

At the first all-radio debate of this election cycle, there were several factual faux pas by the Democrats at the table. Two candidates, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, were primarily responsible.

  • Biden linked an $18-per-barrel increase in the price of oil to the Senate resolution declaring Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization – even though it took two months to achieve that hike, and it’s a leap of logic to connect the two events.
  • Biden also said, erroneously, that Spanish-speakers didn’t account for the majority of illegal immigrants in the U.S. It’s been a long time since that’s been true.
  • Clinton, in blaming Bush for having “de-fanged” the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ignored the fact that the agency has been losing workers for years – even during her husband’s administration.
  • And Clinton said the Chinese didn’t want her to come to a UN conference on women in 1995. They may not have liked what she said, but they knew her presence would help perceptions of the conference they were hosting.

Poor Joe. He’s a good Senator and an honorable man, but he does have a bad case of “open mouth, insert foot.”


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