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Stagdeflation huh!!! 0

A brand new worry bead for our worry bead chain has arrived (like we needed it) Stagdeflation!

Normally I would discount it, but it comes from Nouriel Roubini, the guy who seems to get everything right, with a second from George Soros, no dummy himself. They calculate that we are headed into a total financial meltdown so severe that inflation will turn into deflation. This is 1930’s stuff. And coming from Roubini, you can not brush it off.

They unveiled this term at the Davos conference in Switzerland, so it was not meant for our ears, but thanks to the Internet there are no secrets anymore. To be clear, deflation does not normally happen in a recession; it takes a world wide depression to make prices of everything to fall. Both Roubini and Soros gave it a high probability. so be careful out there!

Now I have no ideas about where to put your money.


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