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The trucking firm Jevic Transportation Inc., of Delanco, announced yesterday that it was ceasing operations after 27 years, a victim of high diesel and insurance costs as well as the tightened economy.


After weeks of upwardly creeping prices, the $4 gallon of gasoline finally arrived in the Philadelphia area yesterday.

What’s more, some local stations now are charging more for customers who pay by credit card than they do for motorists paying cash.

Seven gas stations in the eight-county area posted prices of $4 or more for regular-grade yesterday, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic. All were on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River – two in Philadelphia, three in Conshohocken, and one each in Doylestown and Morrisville.

Not to mention

Heavy metal is driving the latest trend in art theft.

With the cost of copper and other metals skyrocketing, thieves around the world are targeting outdoor sculpture to sell as scrap.

Thus far, Philadelphia appears to have dodged the copper bullet. But not entirely.

In late January, the plaque from Henry Moore’s 1964 bronze sculpture Three-Way Piece Number 1: Points was discovered missing from Triangle Park at 16th Street and the Parkway.

The plaque, which had been embedded in the grass next to the sidewalk, has not been found. The 7-foot, 3-inch sculpture, owned and maintained by the Fairmount Park Art Association, is untouched.

Other cities have not been as lucky.

In Warrenton, Ore., a 51/2-foot bronze statue of Sacagawea, the Indian guide, and her husband, Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, was stolen from Lewis and Clark National Historical Park in January.

Regarding the last item, the sister church of my church (being a Methodist, my pastor rides a circuit), a big old stone pile about two miles from here, had its 70-plus year old copper gutters stolen a couple of months ago. The thief was caught coming back with his shopping cart for more stuff, but the police said that chances of recovery were slim, since the gutters had probably been reduced to something unrecognizable within hours of the theft.


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