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Karen sent me this link concerning the rumors of a rift between adulators of McHack and Beyond the Palin in the Republican Party.

Here’s my take:

If they lose big, both of them are done for.

His slavish McMavericky adulation of the shrub will send him back to the Senate seat to await retirement or defeat at the end of his term.

Her only constituency is the nuttiest of the wingnuts, the nutcase Christians, and boob guys, and they are going to be completely discredited with the larger party.

Well, not the boob guys. Even they are realizing they’ve been thinking with the wrong he–oh, never mind.

And maybe, just maybe, the Republican Party will regain its sanity. If it doesn’t, the traditional conservatives will run to earth for a few years, or enter a homeless shelter, or go somewhere else.

If the traditional conservatives disappear, the Republican Party will end up consisting only of neoCons and Christian establishmentarians; that combination is going to have trouble outdrawing the Greens and the Libertarians and will make Nader look relevant.

Please bookmark this post and, if McHack and Beyond the Palin lose big, come back in three months and prove me wrong.


Ever since Miz Bedford made me write “antidisestablishmentarianism” 1,000 times because I was a smartass, and too smart for her to fail me, I’ve wanted to use that word or a part thereof in a sentence. It’s been 40 years, but I dood it.

Y’know, it’s awful difficult to hold five pencils in your hand at the same time.


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