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Just When You Think They Can’t Get Any More Stupid . . . 0

. . . They prove you wrong.

Republican candidate caught stealing his opponent’s yard signs.

I heard about this on the radio this evening:

Johnson County, Kan., Commissioner John Toplikar has been charged with theft in connection with the theft of campaign signs belonging to his rival, Calvin Hayden. Over the weekend, Hayden campaign worker Teri Atwell captured the theft on video. She says she initially did not suspect the commissioner.

Thanks to Steve, here’s the video:

Rachel Maddow used to refer to the “Bush crime family.”

Her phrasing caused me discomfort. However much I contemn (yes, that’s the proper spelling) the shrub, I did respect his Daddy and thought he tried to do his best as President. I didn’t agree with him much, but I did–and do–believe that he tried to exercise his responsiblities with integrity.

Now, I have concluded Ms Maddow understates the case.

It’s the Republican crime family.

The Republican Party is united in its lack of respect for the law, for truth, and for the American Way.


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