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Update here, via Raw Story.

There is still no evidence that any information found in the searches was put to any public use.

Those who would claim that this is Misuse of State Power, as opposed to misuse of office–seemingly in the form of succumbing to curiosity–by state employees, are still without evidence.

Let alone without proof.


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  1. Karen

    November 20, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    I know a man who went to work for a company that handles claims for a major credit card company. He was new at the job, was “playing” around the computer system & put in his brother’s name. The person whose account he pulled up (not his brother)didn’t know what had happened. The man exited out of the system without doing anything.

    He was called into HR the next day, where he was fired. The company paid him unemployment because it was never mentioned to new hires about not playing in the system. It’s now mentioned to all new hires.

    He shouldn’t have done it & he admitted it to me. He was just seeing how the system worked. With another card, it wouldn’t have gotten him fired. This particular card company is paranoid about security breeches.

    This woman should be fired. No unemployment benefits paid to her.