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I Have a Flag To Burn 0

The last time I visited Pine View Farm, I took down the flag. (I already have a new one in my truck to raise on my next trip.)

According to the Flag Code, burning is the only proper way to dispose of a flag, although, as an alternative, it may be donated to the American Legion or the VFW. (The American Legion would not have been an option, because of this.)

(I urge you to follow the link and read the Flag Code. It is not proper to wear flag-patterned clothing. Nor to autograph the flag, as both George the Wurst and Candidate McMaverick have been photographed doing.)

Now, there was no problem with its being up all the time, as it was permanently illuminated by a mercury-vapor light, but the flag was too tattered to be left in place.

So Second Son and I have folded it up as best we could, as it is no longer regulation length. When we have our first fire of the winter, we will burn it ceremoniously.

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In the meantime, it sits in a place of honor on the mantle.

Folded Flag


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