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Damn Dog 1

I have this one dog who likes tissues.

Not fresh tissues.

Used ones.

So today he managed to pull over the bathroom trashcan in search of a fix.

Goes without saying that earlier today I cleaned the bathroom and mopped the floor.

Anyone want a dog? He’s very needy and has the personality of a porcupine.

Free shipping.

Addendum, Minutes Later:

Porcupine Dog has this urge to eat the cat (he moved in after the cat–it’s a long story), so the cat normally stays in the family room behind a baby gate. Second Son keeps him company because that’s where the “family computer” (i. e., Second Son’s computer a. k. a. the print server) is located.

I just went down to the kitchen, the level above the furnace room (the house is a split).

It’s so cold here–about 25 Fahrenheits–that the thermostat temperature exists only in the upper part of the house (heat rises) and the cat is lying on top of the stove soaking up warmth from the pilot lights.


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  1. Karen

    December 23, 2008 at 9:13 am

    Would this be Tucker?