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Icey Dicey 0

My brother gave me a cane for Christmas.

No, not because he thinks I’m decrepit. Though he probably does, because I am.

Because he knew I enjoy making useful things of wood and would admire the quality of the woodwork. It’s gorgeous. (Really, follow the link and look at the samples. I think the one he selected is number five.)

I needed it today.

The rain that was forecast to follow the snow yesterday never got beyond a drizzle, so it did not wash away the snow. When the temperature dropped below freezing over night, it just added a nice little one-inch layer of ice on top.

Then, when the temperature nudged above freezing in the morning, a silly little millimeter of water formed on top of the ice.

I had nature’s own Slip ‘n Slide for a front yard.

I needed the cane to walk down the little hill (about a four-foot drop) between my house and the street without falling on my–er, never mind.

(I have another cane that is more functional. Unscrew the handle and it holds five shots of whatever you want to put in the little test tube thingees. I recommend whiskey. It never goes bad. Great for Independence Day fireworks shows.)


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