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In the meantime, Kos speaks sense (link below).

Though I believe that Obama is a good man whose head is screwed on right–that is, left (hell, I have supported and continue to support him strongly enough)–we must be vigilant.

I don’t think we will need to hold his tootsies to the fire, but we should be ready to do so. He has been elected President, not Emperor (had Bush recognized the difference between “president” and “emperor,” he might not be leaving under such a cloud):

. . . one more note to the “we should trust Obama” crowd — Republicans went into the Bush presidency willing to give their president all sorts of deference and leeway, and the end result was a presidency that didn’t just destroy the county, but also their party. If Obama can be trusted to do the right thing, and I’m hoping for the best, then there’s no reason he should mind accountability provisions written into the release of the second half of the TARP funds. Rather than just give verbal promises to key legislators like Dodd, Obama should have no problem writing them down on paper and seeing them pass Congress, right? Because if he does have a problem with codifying his promises, perhaps he’s not that committed to them.

At the same time, like this guy, I’m just sick of all the leftie foolishness.


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