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Barbershop Duet 2

I couldn’t put off getting a haircut any longer, even though I come from the generation that believes that hair should be long and skirts should be short.

I discovered that my regular barber was closed on Mondays (Q. What’s the difference between a “barber” and a “hair stylist”? A. Thirty bucks), so I went to another little barbershop that I once took my son to back when I still had to take him places.

I was the only customer.

I do not make a practice of talking politics with strangers (except here). Too unpredictable.

But, as I settled into the chair, the barber asked, “What do you think of Obama?”

Fearing the worst, I answered, “I think he’s a good, decent man. Not perfect, but a good, decent man.”

And then the barber went off.

On Republicans and Wall Street. He was still going when we parted.

Most fun I ever had getting a haircut.



  1. Karen

    February 24, 2009 at 11:05 am

    It surprises most people that the owners of SMALL businesses know Obama will do more for them than the Republicans ever would have. They only care about the really big ones. Not the little ones.

    Chris’ vote for Obama irritated his sister so much that she hasn’t spoken to him since the last time she lambashed him over the phone. Unfortunately, he never did get to ask her how she felt about the state of Indiana going for Obama.

    She isn’t speaking to me (I forced him to vote the way he did) either, which isn’t a surprise. I’m not as nice as Chris is. I’ll let her have it.

  2. Frank

    February 25, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    Chris has mentioned this to me.

    Being an American means recognizing that persons can disagree with you and still be friends.  Wrong, maybe, but friends.  I think Chris understands that.  I’ll stop there.