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From the Dept. of Really Stupid Ideas Dept. 1

A mileage tax.

We’ve already got one. It’s called a gas tax. The more miles you drive, the more gas you buy, the more tax you pay.

The lower your miles per gallon, the more often you buy gas, the more tax you pay.

Doesn’t take a GPS to figure that out.

Frankly, as I commented over at Duncan’s, I think this comes from the school of thought that says

The more complicated the technology, the better the idea.

Folks, that just ain’t so.

Afterthought: And if there is a motive beyond this to reduce actual miles driven, well, gas prices can do that too. Remember last summer.


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  1. Bill

    February 20, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    If you look up the definition of “stupid” in the dictionary, that idea should be listed first.

    But I’m sure it makes sense to those you believe raising taxes – any taxes – is the answer to every problem.  Strange…during all the economics courses I took in college, not one advanced the theory that it’s good economic policy to increase taxes during a recession.