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I Don’t Like California 1

I have spent a lot of time there, most of it in that fantasy called Southern California, a place that has no vegetation not imported from Florida and no water not stolen from Colorado.

SoCal was best described in Two Years before the Mast as a wasteland that no one would want to live in and where no one wanted to do real work.

It has since become a wasteland that many want to live in, thanks to Edison’s Magic Lantern. Real work, well, that’s another topic.

Now the California Republican Party is determined to destroy Cali before it drops into the sea.

Apparently, I don’t dislike California as much as its own resident Republicans do.

(Aside: Are all Republicans nutcases, or just most of them? No. Really. How can supposedly sentient beings be so Godforsakenly stupid?)


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  1. Barbara

    February 17, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    I agree with you completely about your thoughts on California. I lived in SoCal 42 years ago and I’m sure it hasn’t changed that much. I heard that they told the legislators to bring a toothbrush! Why don’t they just get to the one Republican who is keeping the budget from passing? I agree that Republicans are what you said. Don’t understand