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Morning Joke 0

This morning, Joe Scarborough was on Weekend Edition Saturday. (You can listen to the interview here.)

Among other things, he bleated about not expecting Obama to take off the gloves so quickly, as if, somehow, Mr. Obama was being gratuitously partisan.

Combating intransigence requires firmness.

In observing Republicans in their natural habitat, one must watch their actions and discount their words.

Scarborough left out the part about the Republican Party’s party-line intransigence, their insistence on demonstrating fealty to their corporate masters and to clinging to the policies of de- and non-regulation, tax cuts for the rich and big business, and tolerance of lawlessness, so long as it is the rich who are acting lawlessly, policies that have not just failed, but that have proven inimical to the safety and welfare of the nation and its citizens.

Then there’s that Great and Glorious Patriotic War for a Lie in Iraq.

Yes, quite the upstanding little group of folks.

Once again, disregard their words and watch their actions.

Republicans define “bipartisanship” and “compromise” as getting what they want the way they want it.

Nothing else does for them.

Q. E. D.


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