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It is really difficult to disagree with this.

Bad stuff doesn’t just happen. Well, some bad stuff just happens. If you’re standing under a tree when a branch breaks off and lands on your head, you could argue that that “just happened.”

My pastor recently said that, when persons ask him, “Why did God do [this or that bad thing]?” he responds with, “God did not [take your child from you/lead your husband to drive off the road/whatever}. Some things just happen because we live in a physical world. And some things happen because God gave humanity free will, and, with free will comes the the ability to make the wrong choices.”

Whether or not you or I agree with him theologically is no matter. Here’s the crux:

These folks made wrong choices. They made wrong choices to pay for their multiple McMansions, their Bentleys, their private clubs, their gold-encrusted Dixie cups. They sold financial good sense and personal integrity for pieces of silver.

And they do not realize it. They still think they are Masters of the Universe–victims, not victimizers.

Let their wrong choices confront them in every airline first class lounge, on every street corner, in every dream.


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