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Anyone of a certain age will remember the twin stacks.

The Twin Stacks

The SS United States.

SS United States

SS United States

Americans were proud of the accomplishments of this ship, so much so that I remember seeing pictures of her on persons’ walls when I was a young ‘un.

From Thursday’s Shrinquier:

The SS United States was the space shuttle of its age – a great national project that made Americans and our allies swell with pride and a deep sense of security. Its massive twin funnels made it clear that it meant business. It set a trans-Atlantic speed record on its maiden voyage, in 1952, that will probably never be broken.

The ship also served as a secret weapon in America’s arsenal, capable of quick conversion to a troop transport that could move an infantry division more than 10,000 miles without refueling or replenishment. Its hull design was top-secret, and the ship almost saw action in Korea.

You would be hard-pressed to name a more important U.S. merchant vessel. But we now inhabit a time and place in which only the shiny and new draw public attention.

Like many artifacts of the modern age, the SS United States has been forgotten. It has literally and figuratively faded from glory – replaced in the public consciousness by other innovations, such as jet service to Europe and gargantuan (and ungainly) cruise ships.

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