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In a Phrase 0

John Cole (emphasis added):

Seriously- the welfare queens on Wall Street keep asking what Obama can do to “regain the confidence of Wall Street” (and I really can not describe how angry those statements make me- Obama needs to have you regain confidence in him? You were the rocket scientists who caused this mess.)

Saturday morning in the hotel at the “complimentary breakfast” (sorry–I can’t compliment the breakfast. The only bagels were raisin bagels–I was compelled to inform the Front Desk Clerk that bagels come in plain, egg, garlic, onion, sesame, and many other varieties, but that “raisin bagels” and “cinnamon raisin bagels” are not bagels, they are cookies), the Saturday Today Show was on. (I didn’t even know there was a Saturday Today Show. I am network teevee illiterate.)

As we watched the news about the unemployment rate, the eight of us who happened to be in that room came to a conclusion:

Wall Street Bankers would look good in orange jumpsuits picking up litter along the road.


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