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“Natural” Means “Natural” 1

Well, duh! The judge rules that the federal government (under the previous administration, mind you) really shouldn’t sell out our heritage.


Of course, that bunch sold out more than our heritage. It sold out our traditions, our Constitution, our liberties, our laws, the treasure of our labor, and the blood of our young. Pah!


On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Gregory M. Sleet ruled that refuge officials and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service broke federal laws when they allowed farming (at the 10,000-acre Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge–ed.), and later planting of genetically modified crops, without appropriate environmental reviews to determine the impact on wildlife and wildlife habitat.

The ruling comes as a victory for Delaware Audubon, the Center for Food Safety and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the three groups that challenged the agricultural practices at Prime Hook.

I have driven by Prime Hook many times. Delaware is, after all, a very small state which is 45 minutes wide and two hours long. I have even visited Prime Hook.

I remember one particularly cold November evening when a friend of mine, a science teacher, inveigled the kids and me to go to watch the geese come home to their nesting area after their day of raiding farmers’ fields. Tens of thousands of geese, mostly Canadian and snow geese, filled the air for over two hours. It went on so long that the cold eventually overrode the fascination and all I wanted to do was get back into a nice warm car and have a nice cold drink.


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  1. Karen

    March 25, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Out of the whole thing, what surprised me was the 45 minutes wide & 2 hours long.

    The Dallas/Ft.Worth metro area is bigger than that. Dallas alone may be.

    Here would stretch from Denver proper to The Springs south end. (I-25 all the way)