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A Cup of Tea, with the Pinky Out, Please 0

Field Negro on wingnut tea parties:

I enjoy driving on the nice roads my tax dollars help to fund. I enjoy the security that my tax dollars help to provide for me. I enjoy the protections from poisons and other deadly products that could harm me. I enjoy the fact that veterans who serve my country can be taken care of. I like the fact that when I put my money in the bank it is insured. And I like the fact that most children who cannot afford it can get a free education. I could go on but you get the point: Taxes are painful for some of us, but they are necessary.

Which is why I don’t understand this “Tea Party Protest” that the FAKE NEWS people and conservatives have been planning for a little over a month now.


I sense that history is repeating itself here. I mean back in the day the colonists didn’t think it was fair to pay taxes to a government who they didn’t believe represented them. They weren’t being taxed by their government, they were being taxed by the British. These conservatives are no different, his O ness does not represent them, just look at the guy; he is the total opposite of everything they represent, so why pay taxes to his government? Funny, they didn’t seem to mind paying their taxes to fund the two wars that the frat boy started. But hey, the frat boy didn’t have a funny name and a…..well, tan.


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