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A Full Specter 0

Poliblog summarizes the reasons for Arlen Specter’s switch to the Democratic Party. Follow the link for the details:

1) Being in the majority beats being in the minority. . . .

2) Even better: losing in the primary really stinks (especially for an incumbent) . . . .

3) PA is a solidly Democratic state . . . .

It’s all about Arlen.

I remember listening to KYW on the skip when I was a kid, shortly after it moved from Cleveland to Philadelphia. Arlen was the crusading young Philadelphia district attorney.

A lot of time has passed since then. He’s not a district attorney, he gave up crusading long ago, and he certainly isn’t young.

He’s spent the last eight years talking moderate and voting right(wing, that is). The best that one can expect is that, as a Democrat, he might talk moderate and vote moderate. But he’s smart enough to realize that even a lukewarmed over moderate doesn’t have a prayer of winning a primary among the kooks and wierdos who are what’s left of the Republican Party, long may it wither.


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