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Out of ammo:

“We have very, very little (ammunition) of any caliber,” said Larry Baity, a 74-year-old counter clerk at Gun City who said he has waited on Williams. “We’re virtually out. We’ve got a lot of bare shelves.”

The scene at Gun City is playing out across the U.S. as record gun sales deplete stocks from ammunition makers Alliant Techsystems Inc. and Olin Corp. Demand for firearms is being driven in part by concern that U.S. President Barack Obama may impose new controls, said Matt Rice, a spokesman for Springfield, Massachusetts-based Smith & Wesson Holding Corp.

Where these folks got the notion that their precious warm guns are in danger is beyond the rational.

Oh, yeah. False advertising. I should have known.

From FactCheck dot org. Follow the link for the full analysis:

A National Rifle Association advertising campaign distorts Obama’s position on gun control beyond recognition.

The NRA is circulating printed material and running TV ads making unsubstantiated claims that Obama plans to ban use of firearms for home defense, ban possession and manufacture of handguns, close 90 percent of gun shops and ban hunting ammunition.

Much of what the NRA passes off as Obama’s “10 Point Plan to ‘Change’ the Second Amendment” is actually contrary to what he has said throughout his campaign: that he “respects the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms” and “will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase, own, transport, and use guns.”

The NRA, however, simply dismisses Obama’s stated position as “rhetoric” and substitutes its own interpretation of his record as a secret “plan.” Said an NRA spokesman: “We believe our facts.”

Perhaps so, but believing something doesn’t make it so. And we find the NRA has cherry-picked, twisted and misrepresented Obama’s record to come up with a bogus “plan.”


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  1. Karen

    April 15, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Whenever Chris wants to go shooting, I have to call the local places to see if they have any ammo. They do not. As soon as they get shipments in, the nuts come in & buy it all, fearing Obama’s “ban” on guns.

    The ONLY thing I heard him talking about the potential for banning were the assault guns, & then he said they should be in the hands of the military or police. A stance I happen to agree with.

    But I consider the NRA & its crazy members less than nuts. Combined with stupid.