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A library book looted in the American Civil War is returned:

Nearly 145 years after it was stolen by a Union soldier during a Civil War raid, a missing library book has been returned to the Washington and Lee University library by an Illinois man who inherited it from the soldier’s descendants.


The school was looted and the neighboring Virginia Military Institute was burned down by Gen. David Hunter and his troops on June 11, 1864. A note written in the book and signed by C.S. Gates reads: “This book was taken from the Military Institute at Lexington Virginia in June 1864 when General Hunter was on his Lynchburg raid. The Institution was burned by the order of Gen Hunter. The remains of Gen. Stonewall Jackson rest in the cemetery at this place.”

Aside: Persons sometimes wonder why Southerners still remember the Civil War so vividly.

Putting aside the moral issues, on the wrong side of which the South clearly was (diagram that, grammar nerds!), this illustrates it.

Where I grew up, persons still tell stories of Union soldiers stabling their horses in a local church. Whether or not the stories are true I do not know. The point is simply that they are.

Memories like that do not respect greater moral rights and wrongs, and they die hard.

Oh, yeah: Note to Texas. The South lost.


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