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An hordette in search of an enemy. Terry Mancour sips tea parties in the Guardian:

So what did motivate (the teabaggers)? Mostly hatred for Barack Obama, pure and simple. The American public rejected them and their failed policies. Blaming him for the profound self-pity that arises out of getting your arse royally kicked in an election was a factor. They held signs insisting that Obama was simultaneously a socialist and a fascist, a radical Muslim and a radical black Christian, a hopeless incompetent and an evil genius.

These accusations were designed to incite strong feelings, even hatred, among the conservative base. Open calls for secession in Texas and repeated calls for “revolution” (even though we just had a well-attended, well-executed election cycle) from policies that hadn’t even had time to take effect yet across the board were noteworthy. Plenty of teabaggers were proudly discussing their second amendment-protected personal armories and their willingness to use them, should real revolution come. Against whom, they couldn’t really say.

And there’s that black guy in the White House, and that’s just so foreign to their sensibilities that it all has to be a plot, a conspiracy, a secret plan by unseen forces working through “that negro” (one actually said that to me) to enslave the good hard-working American white folk and take away their freedoms to go to church and own guns and get married and not pay taxes – despite any real evidence to back that claim up. Indeed, some cite the very lack of evidence as proof of the conspiracy.

But after you scrape away the billionaires who founded and funded this “grassroots effort”, subtract the large number of liberal observers and amused media people, take away the faked-his-birth-certificate conspiracy crowd, remove the whacky costume-clad exhibitionists and the right-to-life-and-ammunition culture warriors, and I think you’ll find that most of the teabaggers were just pissed-off, middle-class white people who got screwed in the economic downturn and are looking for someone to be angry at.

Walter Brasch has more commentary at ASZ:

But, these protesting masses aren’t the rich, and they aren’t being forced to give up more of their income. In fact, the Obama tax cuts benefit about 95 percent of all Americans.

The idea of a Tea Party was probably that of CNBC commentator Rick Santelli, who ranted against any government assistance for persons who lost their homes through foreclosure. Pushing the tea bagging of America were Fox mouths Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and dozens of other conservative talking mouths who are among the top 5 percent, and whose seven-figure incomes would be reduced under the Obama plan to restore fiscal sanity to America.

Well, I guess it’s true. Americans really are revolting.


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