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Reality and Wingnuttia. Hugh Jackson discussing Mr. Obama’s overseas trip in the Guardian:

Obama repeatedly acknowledged as much (the role of the United States in the current recession/depression/panic–ed.) during his trip abroad. Sometimes he did so gingerly, telling the press after the G20 meetings for instance that “it’s hard to deny that some of this contagion did start on Wall Street.”

Other times, Obama deployed refreshing candour, such as during the town hall gathering in Strasbourg when he acknowledged American “arrogance” and admitted the country “shares blame for what has happened” but also called Europe on its “anti-Americanism that is at once casual but can also be insidious.”

To America’s angry conservatives (bit of a redundancy there), Obama’s behavior abroad was nothing short of deplorable.

The Heritage Foundation blasted Obama for embracing “a ‘collective action’ that essentially demotes America as a world power.” Obama’s declaration in Istanbul that the US “is not and never will be at war with Islam” flabbergasted the conservative blogosphere (a curious development in that Obama’s predecessor on occasion said much the same thing). Newt Gingrich dismissed Obama’s call for nuclear arms reductions as a “fantasy foreign policy.” The former Speaker’s fellow Fox News personality Sean Hannity dubbed Obama’s trip the “new world order tour” while “Hannity’s headline” at the bottom of the screen during his show declared: “Obama Attacks America”. And of course during the entirety of Obama’s travels all the conservatives on the radio, television, in blogs and everywhere else were saying “socialism” over and over and over again – but not in a nice way.


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