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Clowns to the Right . . . 0

The open, naked descent of the Republican Party into their netherworld of hatred and bigotry over the nomination of Sonia Sotomajor to the Supreme Court has been a truly amazing thing to watch.

In less than a week, they have revealed their maggoty racist innards so as to surprise even me, whose low opinion of Republicanism is rivaled by no one’s.

And, Jeez oh man! I grew up under Jim Crow.


    Frankly, she looks white to me. I guess we wuz too busy hatin’ on black folks to worry us’ns with American citizens descended from other American citizens from the American territory of Puerto Rico.


It is to throw up.

The Booman:

With Republican talking heads calling Sotomayor a ‘racist’, a ‘schoolmarm’, a member of the ‘KKK’ without the hoods or the nooses’, stupid, and temperamental, there is no way for either women or latinos to conclude anything else but that the GOP doesn’t like them. And here’s the thing. Normally, political advocates argue their case in a way that they think will ultimately help their party win elections. Sometimes, their desire to win leads them to trim their sails a bit about how they really feel. But these Republicans are letting it all hang out without any regard whatsoever for the essentially suicidal rhetoric they are using.

. . . I really don’t like having an openly racist party in this county, let alone one that is the only realistic alternative to the Democrats. It’s not healthy and it’s not safe. And I want someone to come along and put this GOP party out of its misery before it comes back to power through the power of inertia.

Video via Delaware Liberal.


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