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Greater Wingnuttery XXIII 0

John Cole on Republican political strategy:

It kills me that anyone looking back at the wreckage of the last eight years who says “Wow. That didn’t work out too well” is considered a liberal. Not in favor of torture? LIBERAL! Not in favor of disastrous foreign policy? LIBERAL! Not in favor of the unitary executive? LIBERAL!

And I’m serious. Looking at the silly commercials the RNC keeps releasing, the idiotic motions to rename the Democratic party, and the rest of the nonsense they are doing, they don’t seem content to sit back and watch the world go by or build the base. They seem intent on doing whatever they can to piss off “liberals,” which includes everyone on the planet who may or may not have had Dijon mustard on a sandwich.

A friend of mine today, whose disdain for contemporary Republican ideology, if anything, exceeds mine, asked me (this is a paraphrase), “What happened to the Republican Party of our youth? Why has the Republican Party become so full of hate?”

The only answer I could hazard was,

Fear. Fear of change. Fear of black folks. Fear of Mexicans. Fear of Guatemalans. Fear of homosexuals. Fear of anything that’s not whitebread Ozzie and Harriet made-for-TV America.

Fear of the Big Wide World.


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