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(When I read this story, I thought I was back in high school in the olden days when the fight was over boys having long hair.)

A local school district, which is down the road a piece and on the right, mandates that girls wear skirts or dresses at graduation.

Christiana High School senior Morgan McQueen does not wear skirts or dresses, and she does not want to start now just to attend her graduation ceremony.

But that’s what the school says she has to do.

High school graduations in this part of the world are usually held outside to accommodate the crowds and normally take place on a broiling hot day–even if all the surrounding days are cool, graduation day is broiling hot. It’s a law of nature.

Unless it’s cold and downpoury (it’s never just rainy on graduation day–on graduation day, it doesn’t rain, it monsoons–another law of nature). Then the ceremony is held in a broiling hot, steamy gym whose HVAC is incapable of dealing with the crowd.

Also, what the students wear will be covered by polyester graduation robes which are designed primarily to cut costs while raising the skin temperature by five degrees (I know the robes are polyester–I have two of them left over from various kids hanging in the attic), since polyester is to air circulation as a space suit is to a vacuum.

Let ’em wear shorts and halter tops (remember halter tops?) under their gowns if they want.

That would probably still be more formal than what they wear to school every day.

Addendum, the Following Tuesday:

They’re making an exception for the girls who are protesting. The girls have to wear slacks and ties, like the boys. They are going to “study” the graduation dress code.

The ACLU is looking at the case.

Put butter on it. The dress code is toast.


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