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The Voter Fraud Fraud 0

The Booman on the wingnut campaign against ACORN. ACORN has been excoriated for hiring convicted criminals and for submitting incorrect or duplicate voter registration cards.

What the wingnuts always leave out is that ACORN, as a community service organization, is, as part of its mission, giving released convicts a second chance and trying its best to identify improperly completed voter registration cards and flag them for review and exclusion:

ACORN hires felons because felons need work. If they don’t get work they will be sorely tempted to revert back to a life of crime. I can’t believe it is appropriate to use their work-release program (which is a public service) as probable cause to raid their offices. And those 300 fraudulent registration cards? They’re supposed to get weeded out by the staff before they are submitted to the Board of Elections. But, in some states, ACORN is required to turn in any and all cards they receive. In that case, they try to bundle the ones they consider suspect in a pile.

Fundamental to the campaign against ACORN and similar groups is the Republican Party’s conviction that, the more they can keep persons from the polls, the better their chances.


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