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Hypocrisy Is an Unconscious Thing 0

Words can be powerful things.

No one gets up in the morning and says, “Oh, gee, I think I’m going to do something hypocritical today.”

The hypocrite does not–cannot–see his hypocrisy.

He merely lives it, in a pedestrian, banal, and unself-conscious way.

There will be many empty words of regret from those, like this one among many, who helped suborn the nutcase in Kansas City (and other nutcases) to murder, while wrapping themselves in the self-righteous mantle of their hate-full-ness.

Sane people will point out that the words of hate that the anti-abortion forces (“baby-killers,” “murderers,” “Nazis”) routinely use as part of their campaign have helped push the nutcases over the line to murder.

Wasted words.

Rationality does not work with those who have none. And those who profit from hate care not the effects of their words.


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