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I Get Email, Network Neutrality Dept. 0

From Freepress dot net, on the big ISP’s current strategy for milking their customers for more money for no more service.

Read the press release here. Learn how to take action here.

Some people never give up.

Time Warner Cable is still trying to restrict Internet use and
shamelessly overcharge people who use the Web every day.

But we’ve got a new bill in Congress and a plan to stop greedy phone
and cable companies from padding their pockets by curbing our Internet


Time Warner Cable’s Internet overcharging scam came crashing
down in April after tens of thousands of you protested the absurdly
high fees. Time Warner Cable backed off. But the company didn’t give

Instead, the cable giant quietly launched a customer “re-education”
plan, hiring PR experts and launching phony front groups to mislead
people into supporting excessive charges. Time Warner Cable also hides
the fine print in their “terms of service” allowing the company to
disconnect users on a whim.

Now, other phone and cable companies like Comcast and AT&T are
weighing similar schemes to hike prices, shut down the free-flowing
Web and keep users in check.

New York Rep. Eric Massa promised to introduce a bill to stop this
excessive price-gouging. Today, Massa delivered:


By following the link above and signing the letter, you’re
telling your representative in Congress to support Massa’s bill. The
Broadband Internet Fairness Act would make price-gouging plans illegal
and require the big phone and cable companies to disclose their
schemes to the Federal Trade Commission.

Giant phone and cable companies see the free-flowing Internet — with
users watching YouTube videos, listening to music at Pandora and
making phone calls with Skype — as a threat to their local
monopolies. They hate that we’re taking control of our own media, and
they want to go back to an era when media giants had control of the

We have stopped the big cable and phone companies — again and again
— by standing together to defend our right to an open, fast and
affordable Internet. This bill is our bill: Support the Broadband
Internet Fairness Act today.

Thank you.


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