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Restore from Backup 0

The new laptop arrived, a week early right on schedule.

I’m setting it up even as I type (that means I told it to copy some files over the network, then I wandered off to do other things).

Jeez oh man! I’ve got more than 16,000 files in my docs folder!

Look for a post on Geekazine when I’ve got it all fine-tuned.


This puppy is sweet. The only complaint I have is the position of the speaker jack. It would be great for headphones in an airport (it’s in the front below the keyboard), but it’s lousy on a desk or table. I’ve now got one more wire that’s not out of the way.

The wireless works flawlessly (wireless is the Achilles heel of Linux, because so many manufacturers of wireless components do not make native Linux drivers), the webcam works, and everything is now restored from backup. I haven’t tested out Ekiga yet; that’s tomorrow.


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