From Pine View Farm


I set up my new computer over the weekend, replacing the one that died. You can read about it on Geekazine.

One thing I have learned is how to use the Linux scp command to copy files between computers. I haven’t finished tweaking the networking yet and wanted to get some pictures on the webserver without, like, you know, actually walking into another room.

I found I could do it through the scp command in a terminal. This command, for example,

scp configure.jpg [username]@[local IP address]:~

copies the file “configure.jpg” from this computer to my home folder on the other computer. If I used a DNS server, I could use the computer name, but I don’t; the IP address works just fine.

The target computer demands a password and the whole process is encryted.

And it’s a lot faster than using a graphical interface. But, then, the command line is always faster, as long as you know the commands.


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