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A friend of mine on the phone this morning referred to “that loony governor.”

I said, “Sanford? . . . I don’t think he was all that loony. I think he made a mistake, a mistake a lot of other men and women have made.”

Aside: I do not care that he had an affair, other than that he professes a political creed that claims to embrace and desires to legislate “family values” (meaning sexual Miss Grundyism and not meaning, say, good health care and a living wage, which in the Republican world have nothing to do with families)–embraces “family values” as opposed to embracing other persons’ families.

Unfortunately, I know lots of families touched by infidelity; some of the persons, both strayers and strayees, have, indeed, done loony things–but they were not loonier than any of the rest of us. The outcome was never good, but the persons were not unredeemably evil.

One more time: It ain’t the sex. It’s the hypocrisy, the hypocrisy that Republicans have institutionalized in their platform and behavior, of loudly pointing at and condemning in others what they do themselves.

Anyhoo, we kicked the topic around a bit and, then, after a little more discussion, she suggested that he actually belonged in the

(wait for it)

loiny bin


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