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Almost at Sea 0

Some pictures taken from the South Island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. The South Island has parking, a fishing pier, and a diner with surprisingly reasonable prices.

A freighter entering the bay from the ocean. The picture is facing north; the vessel is moving from east to west:


A dredge sails out to take up position for the day’s work. The towers on the vessel are legs that can be lowered to the sea floor to anchor the vessel in position:


The tunnels serve as reefs. They attract fish–and therefore fishers. The northern end of the Thimble Shoals tunnel, approximately a mile away, is visible beyond the boats:

Sport Fishing Boats

Looking south from South Island to the Chic’s Beach area of Virginia Beach. The Bridge-Tunnel roadway is 30 feet above the water level:

Chic's Beach


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