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Let’s Not and Say We Did 0

(A month later) Whoops.

So much for abstinence only (emphasis added–note that the persons referred to in the bold type are those least likely to have independent resources for learning or indepedent financial resources for medical care):

The new CDC report notes that “Every effort was made to present the data in a consistent manner with regard to age groups, race/ethnicity, sex and geographic location,” leaving an explicit investigation of poverty out of the equation altogether – though its findings indicate that American teens whose race/ethnicity and/or geographic location suggest a greater likelihood of poverty are also the most likely demographic to have increased rates of unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Both pregnancy and Aids rates are higher among Hispanic and non-Hispanic black young women aged 15-19 than any other ethnic group. Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were highest among non-Hispanic black young women and men aged 10-24. And the southern states “tend to have the highest rates of negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes, including early pregnancy and STDs.”

Abstinence may be effective in preventing unwanted births, but abstinence-only sex “education” is a fraud and a sham. It doesn’t educate, and it doesn’t prevent anything.

Anyone who believes that “education” based on leaving stuff out and ignoring reality actually educates anyone in anything lives in a fantasy world. Or in the Creation Museum. Same difference.


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