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Playing with Firearms 0

I have a personal rule against giving serious attention to any piece of writing that has more than two rhetorical questions per page.

That, in fact, is one reason I gave up on the Wilmington paper. You see, I really enjoy the Letters to the Editor. Whatever paper I might be reading (and, because I spent years as a road warrior, I have read papers all over the country), I read the letters first, after glancing at the front page. The local paper frequently prints letters that consist of a series of inane rhetorical questions with no other content.

The ones without the rhetorical questions tend to be, well, just inane.

And herewith I break my personal rule.

Mehdi Hasan at the Guardian:

So why are Republican politicians fanning the flames with talk of “death panels” and Nazism? Why are pundits like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh indulging in what the historian Richard Hoftstader described as the “paranoid style” in American politics? Do they really not understand that this hysterical wave of hatred and fury against Obama goes beyond healthcare reform, or party politicking, or even the country’s so-called “culture wars”, and now threatens the life of their elected head of state? Do they want to be held responsible, through their extreme and dishonest rhetoric and hate-filled divisiveness, for the death of America’s first black president?

It’s the Southern Strategy, natch.


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