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Time Warp, Shrinquirer Style 0

I have cancelled my home delivery subscription to the Inquirer, mainly because I’m gone so much anymore it’s not worth it. And the last time I did a delivery stop, they forgot to start it again (more FAIL).

So this morning I went to the local Wawa to pick up a paper to enjoy over my coffee. If nothing else, I still want the comics and the advice column. Life is not life without comics, despite the best efforts of the Republican Party to render them redundant.

I didn’t look at the paper. I just grabbed it, along with several other things.

And when I got home, I noticed it was kind of fat.

I looked.

It was dated Sunday, August 9, 2009. It had all the Sunday sections and everything. The articles aren’t even up on the website yet.

The Inky is not known for releasing the Sunday paper early.

So where in the time warp did today go?

So, later in the day after an energetic attack of housekeeping, I went looking for the Saturday paper. I had to go the three places to find it. The other two places were already celebrating tomorrow.

Not too long from now, I won’t have to mess with the Inky any more.

No regrets. It was one of America’s great papers when I moved to these parts 20-odd years ago.

No more.


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