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Ahh! To Be in Pennsylvania for the Whisperings of Autumn 0

Teacher strikes. It’s tradition in southeastern Pennsylvania.

The contract for the 1,070-member (North Penn School District, Montgomery County) union expired Tuesday. Talks broke off Friday afternoon, and no new bargaining had been agreed to as of last night.

Union officials said the school board had made work-rule changes that amounted to a lockout, mainly adding 20 minutes to the elementary-school schedule. The board contended that any work stoppage would be illegal without 48 hours’ notice.

By and large, teachers in this part of the world are paid pretty well. Not great, but okay.

In such circumstances, strikes and threats of strikes usually have more to do with working conditions and with a sense of being generally mistreated by management than with any quantifiable item, though unions will ask for pay or hours changes because you cannot negotiate courtesy.

I worked in a unionized industry for many years. The managers and departments who had “union problems” (grievances, work-to-rule, and stuff like that) were invariably–not usually, invariably–the ones who treated their workers like dirt.


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