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Michael Tomasky at the Guardian discussing some focus groups:

They found that conservatives “stand a world apart from the rest of America” in terms of how they view Barack Obama and how they see politics. There is a continuum, in other words, in US politics, running from those on the left who’ve already concluded that Obama is a sellout, to mainstream liberals who are basically happy with him, to moderates who are approving but with reservations, to centre-right folks who are unconvinced but pulling for him to succeed, for the country’s sake if nothing else.

Then there are committed conservatives. They’re off the continuum, in three basic ways. First, they fundamentally question his legitimacy as president. Second, they believe that a successful Obama presidency would destroy the country and are “committed to seeing the president fail”. And third, they think he is “ruthlessly advancing a ‘secret agenda’ to bankrupt the US and dramatically expand government control to an extent nothing short of socialism”.

At the root of this is that some persons who characterize themselves as “Americans” don’t accept that the rest of us–80% of the population, in fact–are Americans also.

In their world, those who disagree with them are somehow auslanders–outlanders. And they will not concede that an auslander will ever have anything valid to say.

They are the direct descendants of the Know-Nothings, and they live up to their lineage and to that name.

Addendum, a Few Minutes Later:

The Booman nails it:

Traditional Americans are white.

(Follow the link. Read the rest.)

Extending the reasoning, therefore, if you are not white (and bigoted) you are not American.



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