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A Hood over Their Eyes 0

Frank Rich in the Toimes on the murders at Fort Hood:

Their screeds about the Hasan case are completely at odds with both the Afghanistan policy they endorse and the leadership that must execute that policy, including Gen. Stanley McChrystal. These hawks, all demanding that Obama act on McChrystal’s proposals immediately, do not seem to have read his strategy assessment for Afghanistan or the many press interviews he gave as it leaked out. If they had, they’d discover that the whole thrust of his counterinsurgency pitch is to befriend and win the support of the Afghan population — i.e., Muslims. The “key to success,” the general wrote in his brief to the president, will be “strong personal relationships forged between security forces and local populations.”

(major snippage)

Perhaps those on the right are correct about Hasan, and he is just one cog in an apocalyptic jihadist plot that has infiltrated our armed forces. If so, then they have an obligation to explain how pouring more troops into Afghanistan would have stopped Hasan from plotting in Killeen. Don’t hold your breath. If we have learned anything concrete so far from the massacre at Fort Hood, it’s that our hawks, for all their certitude, are as utterly confused as the rest of us about who it is we’re fighting in Afghanistan and to what end.

Frankly, I think the issue is much simpler than does Mr. Rich. It is not confusion of policy.

It is that there is a contingent of the US population for whom war–that is, killing people–is the preferred, indeed, the only course of action in all cases, whether it is Crime in the Streets or Those People over There. They think it is quick, clean, and final, when it is none of those things.

As long as the children of others do the killing.


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