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Robin Hooding in the UK 0

On the other side of the Big Pond, some persons are starting to see the light: tax people who can afford it so as to benefit the polity as a whole. Polly Toynbee discusses what over here we would call “deficit hawks”:

What we face here, which Labour has yet to find words to express, is a war between those who control the money sucked up into their own pockets, against the great majority who are the losers. This is the tidal pull of inequality that Labour tried and failed to swim against. This budget is the time to tip the balance on reward and tax towards the people. The reason the Robin Hood campaign is galloping forward so fast is that everyone but the rich wants that tide reversed. This is a totemic tax: many others are needed too.

Just as in the United States etc.

Except that, somehow, a large percentage of US citizens have been convinced that closing schools and denying health care to the sick is somehow both moral and sane, as compared to raising the marginal tax rate a few points for the persons who gave us credit default swaps.


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