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Commence Operation Scapegoat (emphasis added):

Newly released documents show Blackwater workers and their supervisors in Afghanistan running amok – drinking heavily, using weapons without permission and ignoring Army protocol, all adding to an environment that may have contributed to the killings of unarmed civilians.

After two workers, including a Virginia Beach man, shot and killed two Afghan civilians last year, the Moyock, N.C.-based Blackwater was thrown off its $25 million subcontract, but not without a fight, the documents reveal.

The supervisor of the two men was specifically identified in e-mails and letters as fostering such an environment. And even after the killings last May, Blackwater – which now calls itself Xe Services – tried to keep him on the job and distance itself from the shootings.

The functions in question should have been performed by United States employees beholden and subject to the United States, not by mercenaries.

The outsourcing of military functions is bogus. It makes the official military budget look a little smaller (or more accurately not as big), while funneling money into private hands not beholden to the United States except on payday to perform the same functions with less efficiency, less effectiveness, undoubtedly less discipline, but at much greater expense.

It’s the hand-in-the-pocket thingee again.


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