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I do not find this surprising. From the ACLU.

We’ve told you about the ACLU lawsuit on behalf of Constance McMillen, the Mississippi student whose school canceled the prom rather than let her attend with her girlfriend. Last month, a federal judge in Mississippi ruled that the school violated Constance’s First Amendment rights. However, the judge was satisfied by the school’s promise that Constance would be welcome at a private prom, so he did not force the school to put its own prom back on.

What happened next is shocking.

Last Friday, Constance went to a private dance that was billed as the school prom. The event—attended by Constance, her date and five other students—was essentially a decoy event. According to news reports, virtually all of the other students went to a parent-sponsored prom to which Constance was not invited.

No, it’s not shocking. It’s typical.

All seriousness aside, this was just cruel.

They were not even willing to stand up for their bigotry. They tried to pretend it away through some kind of shell-game trick.

This is where hate groups have a moral edge. At least they are honest about hating. That’s better than the carpet-chewing pseudo-morality of the hypocrites.

Act now.


When I was a young ‘un, the girls all danced with each other anyway.

So what’s the big?


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  1. Karen

    April 9, 2010 at 10:08 am

    Although I won’t go to the ACLU website, I do agree what the school & it’s administration did was horrid. Something should be done, but is there really anything that can be? I don’t see where there’s just a whole lot ( meaning nothing ) that will erase the pain those kids are feeling. As well as the humiliation. They don’t think about how their kids would feel, if they were treated that way. Or any way like that.