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Seen on the Street (Updated) 0

Someone’s unhappy:

Disturbing? Yes. Illegal? Probably not.

That’s what police, residents and free-speech experts say about a truck seen driving around the city displaying handmade signs disparaging women. The placards, stuck to the back of the dark purple pickup, include messages such as “All women are Satan” and “A perfect woman is a dead woman.”

The display is protected as free speech, according to prosecutors and state and local police.

Follow the link for a picture and a rather good discussion of the difference between obnoxious speech and threatening speech.

What I suspect to be most persons’ immediate question–What’s bugging him anyway?–is not answered.

In other news, the owner of license plate 14CV88, who was in the news last week, explains his choice of the plate. I updated my original post to include his explanation, . . .


. . . as well as a link to Raw Story’s deconstruction of his explanation; it is, er, rather shaky on several points.


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