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Driving While Brown, Mythbusting Dept. 0

From Fact Check dot org. Follow the link for the analysis; it’s quite extensive and well-footnoted:

Do immigrants take American jobs? It’s a common refrain among those who want to tighten limits on legal immigration and deny a “path to citizenship” — which they call “amnesty” — to the millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally. There’s even a new Reclaim American Jobs Caucus in the House, with at least 41 members.

But most economists and other experts say there’s little to support the claim. Study after study has shown that immigrants grow the economy, expanding demand for goods and services that the foreign-born workers and their families consume, and thereby creating jobs. There is even broad agreement among economists that while immigrants may push down wages for some, the overall effect is to increase average wages for American-born workers.

Aside: Phrases using “grow” as in the “grow the economy” phrase in the excerpt above irritate the bejesus out of me. One grows vegetables. The economy grows (or it doesn’t), but one doesn’t grow it like a stalk of corn.

It sounds awkward because it is awkward. That phrasing was invented by consultants angling for marks clients with claims like “We will help you grow your business.”

Writing that sounds awkward is not somehow more important than writing that flows easily. It’s simply more additionally pretentious and crappier than writing that flows easily.


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