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Prepare for Another Round of Supreme Misrepresentation 0

Media Matters debunks myths and lies about Elena Kagan. A nugget:

CLAIM: Kagan’s policies regarding military recruiters at Harvard indicate that she is an “anti-military” “radical” who “defied” the law . Phyllis Schlafly claimed in her March 31 syndicated column that Kagan “defied the Solomon Amendment” — a statute requiring schools to provide the same access to military recruiters that they provide to other potential employers or lose federal funding. Liz Cheney called Kagan’s actions “radical,” and other conservatives have also distorted Kagan’s position regarding military recruiters on Harvard Law School’s campus. And The Washington Times published a 2009 op-ed referring to Kagan as “an anti-military zealot.”

REALITY: Kagan consistently followed the law, and Harvard students had access to military recruiters during her entire tenure as dean. . . .

Follow the link for the full story.


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