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Republican Party Doubles Down, Throwing Worse Lies after Bad Dept. 0

The Republican Party ran an ad charging that two Virginia Democratic Congressmen applauded Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s call for the U. S.’s reinstating its ban on assault rifles because a lot of U. S.-sold assault rifles are finding their way into Mexico. President Calderon said this in a speech during his recent visit here.

Turns out that the Congressmen both are on record against reinstating the ban (I think the Congressman are wrong about that but that’s me and they are from Virginia) and that neither one of them attended the speech.

The Republican Party, well, it likes its lie so much it’s just going ahead with it. From Steve Benen (emphasis added):

So, the Virginia Republican Party screwed up. It can happen to anyone. They got a little lazy, chose not to do their due diligence, and ended up looking stupid. They can just pull the dishonest attack ad, and go after Boucher and Perriello over something else.

Except, the state GOP is refusing to back down, and will continue to air the ad the party now knows is wrong. As the Virginia Republican Party sees it, Boucher and Perriello didn’t condemn the speech they didn’t hear, so therefore, it’s fair to suggest they might support the policy they oppose.


This tells us all we need to know about the Republican Party.

It no longer feels the need even to pretend to be truthful.


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