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Taking Witchduck Road to Its Roots 0

Not far from here is a street named Witchduck Road. The name comes from a witch trial (Massachusetts was not the only colony with witch trials):

The farmer’s wife knew a little too much about herbs, was a little too pretty and wore clothing that was a little too tight, according to local historians. So they accused her of witchcraft. (See Note–ed.)

A judge ordered Sherwood to be tried by ducking. So on July 10, 1706, with her thumbs tied to her big toes, Sherwood was ducked in the Lynnhaven River.

The street leading to her ducking spot now carries her legend as Witchduck Road.

Our attorney-general is repaving and widening the road for more duckings:

An investigation by Ken Cuccinelli of a climate scientist who was caught up in last year’s “Climate-Gate” flap is being likened to a “witch hunt” — even by global warming skeptics.

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Note: “. . .little too pretty and wore clothing that was a little too tight.” I made a study of the witch trials when I was a student. Sex, sexual fantasies, and weird repressed sexual desire were a significant aspect of them.

On the part of the inquisitors, not on the part of the accused.


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