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The Coward’s Bigotry: Claiming “Reverse Discrimination” 0

Robert Hammer in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Although hardly new, a specious argument seems recently resurgent among certain bloggers, radio talk show hosts and political groups. It holds that efforts to eliminate obstacles impeding progress toward broader social, economic and political equality in our white-dominated society are evidence of “reverse racism.” Likewise, celebrations of non-European cultural heritage are deemed “racist” for the mere fact that they highlight ethnic differences and, therefore, to some minds at least, encourage separatism.

This argument apparently rings true in many ears. After all, isn’t equality a simple matter of applying the same standards in all directions? If a skinhead shouting “white power!” is a racist, doesn’t equal application render a black person championing “black pride!” racist also? Similarly, if an exclusive all-white social institution is considered racist, why not an all-black college or Hispanic community organization?

Read the whole thing.

The newest issue of Psychology Today has an article making the point that pretending to be “colorblind” by not noticing that some persons are pink, some persons are coffee with cream, some persons are black coffee, some persons are weak tea, is pointless and stupid and, in the long run, destructive and delusional.

(Unfortunately the article is not yet available at their website; it won’t be up until the next issue is out. Buy it at your local news stand. It’s worth the price).

Charging “reverse racism” is a ploy to divert attention from the effects of racism. Those who sling those terms get to pat themselves on the back for not being racist while being racist.

Catch 22. It’s the best catch there is.


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