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Another State Goes after U. S. Navy Vets Association 0

From the Roanoke Times, emphasis added:

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray said Thursday he has applied for temporary restraining orders to halt solicitations by U.S. Navy Vets, saying he has “every reason to believe this outfit is a phony outfit.” Cordray said the court orders are needed because U.S. Navy Vets did not comply with a cease-and-desist order his office issued last month. The requests were filed in two Ohio counties where U.S. Navy Vets has rented UPS mail drops to use as business addresses.

The Richmonder put up a post on U. N. Navy Vets’ political contributions and Attorney-General Cuccinelli. His phrasing is perhaps harsher than mine would be, but he points out a viewpoint I missed:

These political contributions came from money given to a (purported) charity to be used charitable work, not for political gifts.


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